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General Motors Co

Price: $75.00
Item Number: 1467858
Authors: Audit Analytics
Audit Analytics compiles, analyzes and presents audit, regulatory and disclosure intelligence for all Public Companies registered in the USA. The data AA collects derives mostly from public company documents. These filings are all reviewed not by sophisticated text searching mechanisms but by qualified analysts who break down the disclosures into extensive database categorizations. For example, the SEC comment letter database taxonomy includes more than 2,000 categories covering nearly every issue associated with accounting standards, security regulations, reporting requirments and other. What you get is a ten year history of audit, compliance, regulatory and disclosure issues associated with this company. These include data associated with all financial restatements, adverse Section 404 internal controls, Section 302 disclosure controls, SEC comment letters (over past 6 years), audit fees, audit opinions, auditor changes, D&O changes and related data. A listing is included below. Contents Company Overview Data Summary Auditor Fees Auditor Changes Company Non-Reliance / Restatements Company Late Filing Notifications Auditor and Management Reports - Internal Controls Management's Assessment - Disclosure Controls Auditor Report - Financial Statements Legal - Disclosures Legal - Litigation Legal - Registrations Comment Letters