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ADP - Understanding Accounting Ethics (second edition)

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Understanding Accounting Ethics - Second Edition by Mark Cheffers and Michael Pakaluk 271 pages. Allen David Press Key additions to the second edition The second edition is about double the length and has the following additional material: A fuller explanation of why ethics is inherent in accounting, based on the nature of accounting as a profession Updates of the Enron and WorldCom cases, up through trials and convictions A chapter which presents and discusses 10 case studies drawn from forensic practice A chapter devoted to particular suggestions for a practitioner's development and a firm's culture, for teaching and promoting ethics A fuller discussion and criticism of the usual 'methods of ethics' approach to teaching professional ethics A preface which articulates the motivation and purposes of the book Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits Available: to participate in the online, 8-Credit companion CPE course, visit Accounting Malpractice: Accounting Malpractice. Also, after each chapter we have included a fairly extensive bibliography, as well as questions for review, for discussion, and for further research. This manual for Understanding Accounting Ethics is designed to help accounting professionals teach accounting ethics easily and well, even if they have no background in philosophy or ethics, including an entire section on why it is that ethics can be taught. We suggest various ways of structuring a course as based on the book, and we provide all of the materials needed to teach this course. We also give supplemental readings, and suggest background readings, for instructors who wish to deepen their knowledge of accounting ethics. The books can be ordered from Amazon or directly through this website. The product of a unique collaboration between a leading forensic accountant and a distinguished expert in classical philosophy, Understanding Accounting Ethics is widely admired for its "virtue-based" approach to professionalism in accountancy. This new text, substantially expanded and revised, is well-suited to serve as the primary textbook for a course or module in ethics, or as a supplementary text to any course in accounting. New and valuable features of the second edition include: adherence to the recent IFAC four-part framework for accounting ethics education (knowledge, perception, judgment, development); fully updated discussions of Enron and WorldCom, including trials and sentencing; real-life case studies drawn from forensic practice; ample quotations from members of the Accounting Hall of Fame, emphasizing the inherently ethical nature of accounting; practical advice for "how accounting ethics can be taught" to individuals and within firms; expanded bibliographies; and helpful questions for discussion and for further research after each chapter. Understanding Accounting Ethics explores such questions as: the distinction between a business and a profession; why accounting is a profession, not a business; why accounting as a profession is inherently ethical; accountancy's essential orientation to truth; why "rules are not enough"; and how codes of professional conduct for accountants are rooted in the virtues of an accountant. Quotes "An in-depth view of what has been and always should be the cornerstone of accounting — ethics." Jonathan Hamilton - Editor, Public Accounting Report "Understanding Accounting Ethics is a timely review of an accountant's professional role, and the sometime conflict between client service and professional ethics. Drawing on the accountant's role in famous corporate failures, Cheffers and Pakaluk highlight the ethical issues and key decision points that ultimately led to these accounting implosions. They have written a readable accounting ethics book suitable for both accountants and senior corporate managers." Martin Roper - CEO, Boston Beer Company "... a text that is long overdue. I recommend Understanding Accounting Ethics to all accountants — students, professors and practitioners." Ross D. Fuerman - Associate Professor of Accounting, Suffolk University, Boston. "I have been a CPA for 30 years and, after reading your outstanding book for the second time over the weekend, I cannot remember a time I have felt more pride and respect for our profession. You know some of us old CPAs were brought up under the tutelage of CPAs who began their careers in the 1940s and even before. Back then as I remember it, there really werenÕt any ethics courses, per se; we just went to work and were taught to do the right thing every day without giving it much philosophical thought. I am almost embarrassed to admit your book is such a revelation to me, as it provides such terrific insight into the bedrock tenets of our profession." George W. DuRant, CPA/ABV, ASA DuRant, Schraibman & Lindsay CPAs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact To find out more about Understanding Accounting Ethics, contact Tom Hardy at: E-mail: Phone: 508.476.7007 x228